Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First things first...

  1. Create your couponing organization method.  Learn what works best for you.  I use a binder with baseball card holders.
  2. Know your stores' coupon policies.  Print these out and keep them handy, in case you have a discrepancy at the register.
  3. Find your coupons!  Coupons are found in Sunday newspapers, magazines such as All You, in stores (blinkies and tearpads) and online (,,, etc.) 
  4. Research your trips.  In order to successfully coupon, you will need to carefully plan out your trips before leaving your house, or you will get to the store and forget what deals you planned on getting. 
  5. Take your binder with you... everywhere!  You never know when you may find a random item on clearance that you know you have a coupon for at home.  Take your binder everywhere with you, so you don't miss out on unadvertised clearance items.  
  6. Track your savings.  Make sure that your couponing method is working for your family to save money.  That's what it's all about anyways! ;)  
  7. Have fun! 

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